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Natural and Astro Turf

There is a genuine luxury in owning a lush green space in your property premises. We, Avian Works, are a professional company with expertise in Lawn Installation. We generally serve the local residents of Hammersmith and Chiswick. We also specialise in Astro Turf Installation. We have a good reputation in the local market.

  • Custom Astro turf solutions for your garden landscape

  • Minimal time for installing the product

  • A broad range of prices to suit your budget

  • Several years of experience

  • Certified professional

  • Sustainable solutions

We comply with your needs

If you have a family with little children, we focus on installing the softest turf in your residential property premises. On the other hand, when you required harder solutions, we provide the services accordingly. As professionals, we have prolific expertise in both Soft & Hard Landscaping. We impress our customers with skills, punctuality, and sincerity.

Pretty Garden

We mow your lawns, too

Are you finding it troublesome to mow your lawns? Do you have a busy schedule? There is no need to bother. We are here to serve you in the best possible way. We provide efficient Lawn Mowing Service at affordable rates. The expense remains under your control.

We install Artificial Grasses

If you need Artificial Grass Installation Services, feel free to consult us. Our techniques are cost-effective and trendy. You would be amazed to witness the lovely results.

Call us today

You can call us for any kind of Landscaping service in your garden. We provide the best solutions in the local market.

Call Us:  07470161204
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