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About Avian Works 

"The Early Bird Gets the Worm"

Avian Works was set up to combine creator Chris Bird's passion for design with a love of plants, nature and outdoor living. His aim - to help you achieve the garden of your dreams, one that not only looks great but at the same time could increase the value of your home.


Extensive time spent working with a team of established landscape gardeners, learning the trade and honing his skills results in Chris bringing experience and vision to his jobs, and a long list of leading industry suppliers. His former life as a chef and professional kitchen designer means he has a particularly keen eye for detail and layout, but also contacts with some of the best contractors. This ensures Avian Works provides consistent quality, and a team of diligent workers who'll endeavour to deliver to budget, on time and with as little intrusion into your lives as possible. 


Chris is always happy to discuss your aspirations and give advice, so call now at 07470161204 to get the ball rolling - then sit back and enjoy the summer sun in the comfort of your own home!

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Call Us:  07470161204
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